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Insurance Accounting, Claims, and 

Underwriting Operations



MMAGA's advisory capabilities help companies improve their back and front office efficiencies, manage their priorities and most importantly, optimize their business outcomes. MMAGA's solutions support the needs of organizations from inception to settlement. Our solutions also help to improve growth, identify and create new opportunities, manage and control risk while promoting the latest technological advancements that provide the perfect fit for our clients. Our expertise includes a checklist of the following:


  • Automation of Company's Account Reconciliation

  • Reduction of manual processes

  • Decreased Errors and Omissions

  • Promote and help adopt Straight Through Processing (STP) 

  • Ensure receipt of timely & accurate payments

  • Procuring accurate & complete data

  • Promoting efficent utilization of staff

  • Review and refinement of underwriting guidelines and controls

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