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Strategic Planning


MMA Global Advisors has helped a variety of private and public companies execute strategies for navigating complex organizational challenges and shaping large-scale events. The team works closely with organizations to define their strategy direction and allocate resources to pursue goals accordingly. MMAGA also provides control mechanisms for guiding implementation by working with clients along with internal and external partners in order to research and execute sources in their analysis of an organization’s relationship to its competitive environment. This involves determining appropriate actions to achieve goals and mobilizing resources in order to execute these actions. MMAGA helps coordinate the processes of formulation and implementation through analytical and qualitative synthesis.


MMA Global Advisors Inc (MMAGA), is an S-Corporation with offices in Manhattan and Princeton, New Jersey. MMAGA offers strategic advisory services in the areas of financial services, project management and strategic planning to global clients operating in the U.S., East Asia, Europe and the Middle East. 


With over 50 years of experience and a large network of subject matter experts that span the globe, MMAGA's team of senior advisors is capable of executing the most ambitious goals for our clients.

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