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Project Management


At the center of MMAGA's competitive advantage, is the network and strategic vision to bring together and coordinate the efforts of leading experts from around the world toward achieving the dynamic project goals of our clients. Having established trusted relationships with subject matter experts from the private, public and civil society sectors in the areas of business, economics, media, philanthropy, policy and research, combined with a track record for stellar organization and leadership, MMAGA has the unique ability to execute complex project goals and deliver consistent quality results for its clients. 

MMA Global Advisors Inc (MMAGA), is an S-Corporation with offices in Manhattan and Princeton, New Jersey. MMAGA offers strategic advisory services in the areas of financial services, project management and strategic planning to global clients operating in the U.S., East Asia, Europe and the Middle East. 


With over 50 years of experience and a large network of subject matter experts that span the globe, MMAGA's team of senior advisors is capable of executing the most ambitious goals for our clients.

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